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This website aims at explaining the secrets of the browser game called e-Sim. The page is made as a guide and I will try to explain all the game’s aspects to you. The main thing that makes the game worth your time and attention is the fact that it creates a community of its own; people cooperate in pursuit of a common goal: Power, reflected by the size of their virtual countries, while accomplishing their own smaller goals.

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Game Interface

Development Paths

First Steps in e-Sim

e-Sim rules

How to use IRC


Job Market

Monetary Market


Here you will find many great people, who meet in the evenings in IRC channels in order to carry out joint strikes in battles. The game is played via the browser, but its true life goes on in IRC channels, where everyone discuss topics not only related to the game. Another strength of e-Sim is that it’s completely free; furthermore, it is impossible to buy premium accounts, or bonuses, which would provide those with a thicker wallet in real life with an edge over others. Everyone is equal.

This website allows you to learn everything that you may find useful in your further gaming, so…

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